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Core Box Features

Durable Core Boxes

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) does not break down at all

  • One piece molding which means increased product strength (no staples or folding parts)

Engineered to Perform

  • Bottom of core box has ribbed pattern to prevent the box from sliding 
  • Drain holes so boxes do not fill with water
  • 16 feet of NQ core (4.9 metres) capacity

Reduced Shipping Cost

  • Nesting ratio 3.2.1 (11,500 core boxes in 53 foot container)
  • A 40' container would hold 9000 Stac Core boxes compared to 2736 of a non-nesting core box
  • Half the weight of wood core boxes

Convenient Identification Tag Holders

  • 2 (1x3 inch) ID label holders
  • Place to write box identification information directly on the box with a permanent pen
  • Top surface etched allowing you to record notes
  • Each box is marked with 'Start' on the edge


  • Wrap around lid adds structural rigidity
  • Smooth edges to prevent snagging the lid in transport
  • Notched in two places for strapping lid to box
  • Identification window allows view the information without removing the lid
  • Lid is ridged around the edge to prevent boxes from sliding while stacked during transport





Stac Core