More... Undeniably Strong    

Undeniably Strong

Stac Core poly core boxes made with high density polyethylene (HDPE) which does not breakdown.

More... Engineered to Last    

Engineered to Last

The bottom row of Stac Core poly core boxes withstands a total weight of 4200 pounds.

More... Identification & Labels    

Identification & Labels

A place to write box identification information directly on the box with a permanent pen and 2 (1x3 inch) ID label holders.

More... Core Racks    

Core Racks

Stac Core polyethylene core boxes easily fit into your existing core racks.

More... Reliable in Cold Temperatures    

Reliable in Cold Temperatures

Stac Core polyethylene core boxes withstand cold temperatures - tested to -45 degrees Celcius.

More... Rot Resistant    

Rot Resistant

Stac Core polyethylene core boxes are rot resistant - high humidity and high precipitation areas make wood and cardboard boxes ineffective.

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